Build your own Toolkit. We did.

Solving problems or exploring new ideas creatively and uniquely often delivers steadfast solutions that support your culture. When we all use the same off-the-shelf solution we tend to loose our uniqueness, part of us has been cloned, and your guests can become partially blind to your brand. Get in touch.

The following links set out proven ideas and systems that enhance an operations effectiveness, culture, engagement and overall business health. All of these solutions are currently being used by hotels. Get in touch.

Food Photography

New menu about to be introduced? Don’t just taste the dishes, photograph it for front and back of house awareness training. Get in touch.

Food Awards KPI’s

Wonder g what you need to do to achieve food awards for your restaurant? The journey starts here. Get in touch.

Staff Retention

What are you doing to keep your staff? Get in touch.

Shift Handovers

A dynamic digital handover platform that keeps the entire management team full briefed. Get in touch.

Profit Protection

Get ahead of the game. Link your PO’s with your live revenue forecast and begin pacing your GOP and EBITDA. Get in touch.

On Property Sales

Leave nothing to chance. You know how many guests you have. What are your expectations of on-property sales? Get in touch.

Online Staff Testing

Perpetual team training is amongst the most important feature of any business. Online staff testing to capture and measure role accountability is pretty important. Get in touch.


Training isn’t dissimilar to brushing your teeth! A little often saves a large amount infrequently. Let us help assess and shape your culture. Get in touch.

Basic SOP Template

Training begins with SOP’s which are alive in your business. Your SOP’s hold the process detail. There should be hundreds of these alive in your business. Get in touch.

New GM Check List

Where to start. This list creates a starting point for general managers to focus on during their induction. Get in touch.



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