Current analogue non-CRM working practices.

  • Wedding co-ordinators work with paper based, manually calculated information gathering.
  • This information is difficult to share.
  • If you use your PMS for enquiries then the PMS can get very cluttered.
  • No measurable stats for enquiries or the pace of chasing enquiries.
  • Analogue data cannot be harvested fore shot databases.
  • Quite likely works from exclusively a printed brochure.
  • High volume telephone calls.
  • Increased meetings with couples with a ‘we’ll get back to you’ working ethos.
  • Only the hotel holds the full detailed enquiry managed often exclusively by one co-ordinator.
  • No revenue or data analytics. 

CRM based working practices.

  • All enquiries are available to all senior staff in the hotel.
  • In the absence of the previously nominated co-ordinator, anyone with access can assist with the enquiry, or start an enquiry.
  • No longer dependant on exclusive co-ordinator management of weddings.
  • If a co-ordinator leaves, all enquiry details and communications are preserved.
  • All enquiries are kept away from the PMS (used for billing) until the contract is signed.
  • Easily track enquiries, trends within enquiries and revenue associated with enquiries.
  • Build you weddings database by email exports (GDPR dependant)
  • Work from an online brochure as well as a printed brochure.
  • Hugely reduce telephone calls. The live enquiry updates in real time with couples.
  • Savings on manning efficiency.
  • Track that all chases on enquiries are fulfilled.
  • Using the front end, anyone can create an enquiry for walk-ins.
  • Allows couples to build a detailed enquiry from the comfort of their own homes. No rushed or hard sells.
  • Couples are much more relaxed knowing all details are held and costed accurately within their enquiry.
  • Hugely reduced risk of confusion.
  • Anytime the enquiry is updated the couple receive the update by email.
  • A laptop at your showcase or at an exhibition can funnel enquiries seamlessly. 
  • Your CRM can link to your PMS if your PMS allows an API connection. There are additional costs associated with this.

Case Study Facts – 4 Star 90 Bedroom Hotel – 110 Weddings per year.

  • 900 CRM fully worked up enquiries.
  • 4000 calls saved (First enquiry and detail-cost enquiries)
  • Surplus time saving on manning.
  • Operations team integrated into show rounds when sales team off.
  • Seamless hand over of wedding planning when co-ordinators are on days off and holidays.
  • Zero confusion over pricing.
  • CRM automatically works out cost per guest and assists in couples budgeting.


Your Wedding CRM is built specifically to your specification and will involve 3 days onsite both in terms of software creation and training. The CRM needs to be built to include all of the package details and pricing from your brochure to allow for auto quote scenarios/enquiries/costings.

The 3 day setup onsite which will leave your team in full control and operational is £1375.00

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