Make sure everyone gets the memo!

Communication is key in managing both your team and a progressive guest experience. The handover form below sets out a simple process to update everyone who needs to know what’s going on including business leaders.


Quick and easy – in minutes. If you have an online staff portal this form is a simple copy and paste iFrame.

Record keeping.

All handovers can be stored for recall in the event of a guest complaint or a compliance issue.

If you require an online branded portal to host forms like these please get in touch.

Price – £150.00 for unlimited use.


(This is just one example of how Cognito Forms can transform your business)

Example of a Handover. (Restaurant)

Customer Experience Summary

150 covers in the restaurant tonight. Most guests seemed happy. Tables 23 and 41 however sent their dishes back due to dishes not being hot enough. Great comments from all other guests. Sales training on the floor continued tonight with a focus on Red Wine. Good results with the Merlot. Coffee Machine still playing up and several bulbs have gone out in chandeliers.

Departmental Success/Challenges

Good night overall and the team pulled well together under pressure. We still have training requirements around check backs and cutlery being placed before different courses. Tempo of food coming out of the kitchen really good.

Key Information for Next Shift.

Coffee Machine and lights need attention. Sales training continues.

Example of a Handover. (Bar)

Customer Experience Summary

Bar full throughout the evening with positive sales push on cocktails and large glasses of wine. Manhattan’s best seller. Check backs and second drinks really good. Room 8 had six guests and were a little upset we couldn’t accommodate them at 8pm and said they wanted to talk to a manager in the morning. Room 9 (Smith) had an accident and spilt a table full of drinks (6 in total). Not happy that we didn’t replace them all FOC when clearly their fault. A few bottles of Moet sold though sales of dessert wines still slow pending sales training.

Departmental Success/Challenges

Team worked really well tonight despite some pinch points and a few guest issues. We do need some more cocktail shakers and the ice machine continues to play up – requires attention. The carpet was badly stained by Guiness tonight and required attention again tomorrow by housekeeping.

Key Information for Next Shift.

The broken table has been reported and is being replaced. Keep an eye on the ice machine.

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