In todays fast flowing hospitality business learning and developing your team by rote (showing people on the floor) is by far the quickest way to get your people doing things quickly. 

The long term problem with this approach however is that in the modern industry, without standards and processes being documented (and measured) your standards can evolve as urban myths, weakening over time, which makes appraisals less than thorough and makes potential promotions difficult to fully justify for the right reasons. 

Driving an accountable, disciplined and structured approach to engaging and developing your people drives stability, team engagement, team retention and foundation for business growth..

These sample SOP’s when positioned in your hotel Academy supports the approach by rote by providing the exact standard supported by video and photography content Howell’s Heating & AC. Added to this you can add articles around the HOW that justifies the WHY in shaping your people engagement 

‘The Hotel Academy is a game changer when it comes to engaging your team, whilst bringing discipline, consistency and accountability to almost every guest orientated function and standard in the business’.

Garvan Rice, MD, Old Inn Crawfordsburn

AA Hotel of the Year 2017/18



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