At HGM Towers we’re constantly being approached with innovative products that suggest game changing qualities. With the Crable, we think this is definitely a game changer for hotels and restaurants.

With an insatiable user appetite for appliance power, the Crable satisfies customer need to keep their gadgets fully juiced whilst on the go, and with Crable located in all the right places your customers will never need to thirst for power ever again. The days of fighting for low-level plugs on your hands and knees might just be over!

Whilst Crable has been seen in venues and bars it’s yet to fully hit the ground running in Hotels and at £250 (ex vat, delivery and installation) the Crable provides your guests with a real value for money service they’ll definitely thank you for. 

Available in two colours (Light or Dark Gray), the Crable can also be branded/wrapped to include your logo and perhaps a subtle sales message, loyalty program, or a targeted QR code that might load up a menu. The Crable is also wall/column mounted so super versatile and just plugs in to a preexisting plug socket (see bottom photo below).

In terms of connectivity the top of the shelf provides 2 NFC/Wireless charge areas whilst underneath the unit you have a further 4 plug sockets and two USB sockets. Even our founder GC doesn’t have that many appliances to charge!

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Bar Charging

Pub Charging

Essential Venue Charging

Bedroom Charging

Hotel Charging

Lounge Charging

Office Charging

Coffee Shop Charging

Bar Charging

Simple Installation – The rear of the unit – what your customers won’t see.


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