What’s the next big thing in web technology for Hotels?

In many ways the hospitality industry lags behind other industries in terms of tech and innovation, especially seeded tech created by the hospitality industry itself.

Our Big Data initiative (using Cognito Forms) is a massive game changer. It can transform areas of your website into a totally interactive client portal for your guests, visitors and your team.

Examples of how Cognito can save you money and increase efficiency.

You have 150 people booked for Christmas Day lunch. You can either call all of them up, at least twice (300 calls), or process 150 emails, or you can have them complete a pre-order from within your website that includes course selections, allergen and dietary declarations, and the names of your guests. All seamlessly delivered without fuss.

You have meetings and event spaces within your hotel. Rather than cram all of the information around the booking into one or two phone calls, details of the booking and timings along with all accessories and catering can be provisionally booked online without any phone calls, or at least one call to confirm all details.

You have multiple, frequent events throughout the year through which you wish to drive beverage promotions paid for in advance. Cognito can handle this seamlessly. Simply send an email to all of your bookings with the Cognito form url from which they can order and pay for their pre-order. No phone calls necessary.

You can create your own restaurant diary with Cognito and have deposits paid at the time of the booking.

When your guests have left your hotel after staying, you can send them a link to a totally tailored guest feedback form that is routed back to you when completed. All Cognito forms can be exported to create fish data tables from which you can manage sales and marketing campaigns.

Cognito forms can handle complex AI logic demands so forms can be tailored for multiple scenarios on the fly. This may include guiding a guest through a complex booking, menus, accommodation requirements to as much or as little detail as you like.

The options with Cognito are endless and completely bespoke.

All customers enjoy a back-end Cognito CRM to manage their data.

The automotive industry and HMRC have been using this technology for almost a decade, but is rarely used within the hospitality industry.

The benefits of Cognito

  1. Increased client ownership of client requirements.
  2. Significantly less time on telephone calls.
  3. No hard selling on the spot. Forms are completed and adjusted by guests in the comfort of their own homes.
  4. The backend CRM allows anyone one on your team to manage the enquiry/data entry/booking
  5. Does away with Excel files. Cognito operates in the Cloud.
  6. Reduce your call handling time and resource.
  7. Easy and simple to use with minimal training required.
  8. Accessible on PC or Mobile platforms.
  9. Opportunity to build a wide ranging CRM.
  10. Segment your Cognito forms into marketing emails.
  11. Access your Cognito forms via QR codes.
  12. Compliant with GDPR.



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