As we continue to innovate, streamline work flows and reduce the stress and pressure on your team, we present Event PreOrder. This simple form (see demo below) can be configured for any event with any content. When you’re guest has booked, either send them a link to this PreOrder, contain a link to this pre-order in their confirmation, or host this form on your website.

The orders will drop into your email, but they’ll also populate a CRM for all of your event PreOrders. When all PreOrders are in, simply access your CRM, export the event details to Excel and hand over everything to your chef and food service team. Job done. If for some reason you have guests who can’t complete the form, your sales team can quickly do it for them. 

A copy of the signed form hits your sales team email, the guests email and your shiny Pre-order CRM.

This form can also handle pricing, child options, allergens, dietaries, teas and coffees, and mobility assistance. Guests can also save the form and return to it later, even if they’ve moved off the page.

Costs are £99 per event or an annual licence of £700 for unlimited annual use. This includes a really slick CRM which you keep. When you’re done, just export all of the data and we’ll remove the CRM.

Just send us the event details, make payment, and we’ll have it ready for your website in 72 hours. We’re currently working on Xmas menus for clients so you can definitely plan ahead. A short call will be required for sales team training but it’s so simple your team will pick it up in seconds.

(We retain no data, inline with GDPR legislation)

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What the backend CRM looks like. You’ll only ever see your events.

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