Keeping your housekeeping team on track in terms of productivity and manning costs is a constant challenge in most hotels with few simple systems available to GM’s and Operators.

The simple demo below allows your team to use their phones, or low cost tablets (e.g Galaxy Tab) provided by the company to track their daily timings. Each room entry takes 15 seconds to enter and provides essential time data to celebrate the work of your room attendants or support them where necessary. 

The form can be emailed to 5 destinations as well as populating a backend CRM (Optional Extra) where data can be exported for further analysis in Excel.

Where In & Out forms have been used before, the team have doubled down on training and work flow methods to ensure timings are met.

This sample form can be expanded to include more rooms per room attendant whilst the target timings can be adapted to show times for stays and departs, or anything else you can think of that might be useful.


Price – £395 for unlimited use.


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