Every hotel sells weddings differently. Packages, content and accessories vary enormously as does pricing and the venue space available. The Wedding Enquiry CRM can be built for any scenario and can be as simple or complex as you need it to be.

Read how your Wedding Enquiry CRM will boost enquiries and revenue whilst delivering cast iron event  planning efficiency 

The key benefit of the Wedding Enquiry going digital is that it shares control and security of the event with the couple without any rushed or hard sales. They can choose whatever they want in the same way people configure cars online before they make the purchase. Let your couples plan their wedding from the comfort of their living room, whilst saving you a huge amount of exploritory time and effort.

The CRM below is a demo of the front end. The front end can be configured to meet the demands of any wedding sales function.

BOOK YOUR ONSITE DEMO today and see how we can streamline and boost your wedding enquiries in ways your comp set can’t compete with.   

How the simple back end works.

Screen shots of the back-end CRM which keeps everybody on the same page. Instantly accessible by any of your team to change or update the enquiry.

  1. Access any enquiry within seconds.

2. Enjoy full enquiry and wedding development oversight. See who made the last internal updates based on contact with the wedding couple.

3. Ditch the pen and pads – keep internal notes on all communications, meetings and enquiry/wedding development in all one place.

4. Keep on top of payment schedules.


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