Our training modules are unique because they set ongoing activities, metrics and benchmarks that come alive beyond the actual training session. Gone are the days of trainers just presenting without the robust validation of progressive results. At the end of key sessions your team will be tested to assess their effective learning.

At visionarydining.com we specialise in transformational training modules that deliver your team cutting edge systems that blend industry best practice with business development so your team know exactly what’s expected of them today and tomorrow, and how this is more effective than what they did yesterday. Every business needs to grow and your staff need to feel that you’re offering them career development.

We provide a range of training courses that support the progressive skills delivery and successful guest experience within your business.

HOD Development. What gets measured get managed. 

There is no doubt that your HOD’s provide a pivotal role in driving a great guest experience, colleague training and delivering fantastic sales. This one day module provides measured self assessment capability based on generic roles and responsibilities and industry best practice. The course includes ongoing activities to ensure strong legacy training.  Click for more info.

Head Chef Mentoring. Unleashing Potential. One to one coaching.

How and why a chef cooks and runs your kitchen is intrinsically an extension of the chefs’ personality, the leading edge of the chefs’ artistic life and career experiences, the sum of the chefs’ culinary beliefs, and the cornerstone of the chefs’ professional pride and accomplishment. How do you go about changing this for the better? Click for more info.

Training Videos. All departments.

Just a 3-minute video SHOWING your team how things are done can save you hours TELLING your team what to do. We have all the kit lighting and cameras to fly through a portfolio your team will appreciate. We load these onto your YOUTUBE channel under private settings and then load them into YOUR HOTEL ACADEMY Click for more info.

Allergen Awareness. How to become fully compliant with Allergen EU Directive. All Staff/Management

This half day course will empower your team to fully embrace an awareness of how their roles need to be shaped to comply with new Allergen legislation. Course content covers an overview of the legislation, the 14 key Allergens, and best practice systems to insert into your business to ensure compliance and minimise all risks. Click for more info.

The Taste Academy. Ideal for chefs/F&B staff.

This full day course was originally designed by Gordon Cartwright at the AA and was known industry wide as the Rosette Academy. This course has now expanded significantly to explore best practice for both F&B professionals and chefs and the effective construction of a sustainable and meaningful guest experience. The 16 modules and live testing make this a defining course to remember. Click for more info.

Understanding Procurement. For Chef de Parties Upwards

In the absence of a Kitchen Manager, procurement is a key part of your business that demands rigid structure, control and accuracy. Our experience time and time again is that your Head Chef is provided with neither the tools or the time to fully control procurement. Not only does this half day course map out a strategy for the busy chef but we’ll also provide the cutting edge time with the help of north dallas maid service and provide the cutting edge time saving saving tools for your chef to move forward with. Click for more info.

Taking Control of your GP. For Chef de Parties Upwards

To understand how a chef controls his GP is to understand the complex and sometimes unruly forces that the chef often doesn’t have time to understand and monitor. Not only does this half day course recognise the issues chefs face on a daily basis, we’ll provide the tools and knowhow to help the chef monitor the performance of his kitchen on an almost live basis. Click for more info.

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