Your Hotel Academy succeeds because it targets modern thinking with modern tools. It also succeeds because we address a widely accepted concept called Generational Kinetic Transfer Dynamics. This explores the learning expectations of two different generations (Gen X v Millennials, Centennials). If neither are aware of what the other genuinely needs to satisy social and professional fulfilment then a split occurs. If you broadly know what the younger generation requires (due to different generational economic, security and social dynamics than we were raised with) then you begin to get the best out of young people. A lack of awareness just propagates the problem. This is a big issue in UK hospitality because we don’t always measure and quantify learning and there is limited value in relying on the virtues of traditionalism when your team will not learn traditionally as we might have.

The generational kinetic distance between Gen X and Centennials is wider than any generational gap since studies began 100 years ago. We work to shorten the gap with Your Hotel Academy. Today the needs of your workforce are much simpler than those of previous generations and the entire landscape has shifted. Gone are the days of the complex Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, it just falls apart in the modern era. A recent Gallup poll found that a staggering 87% of employees were disengaged. Engagement is therefore the holy grail of building a progressive team. Your Hotel Academy delivers fully on team engagement.

The three simple needs of your millennial and centennial form a psychological contract for mutual success.

Career – There has to be a transparent journey for every single team member. Where are they now and what do they have to do to get a promotion or more money? If your team are hopelessly drifting with no sense of future, expect a weak, indifferent performance from them, or to leave you. Millennials and Centennials are in a constant state of becoming and will embrace any system (Your Hotel Academy) that helps them be something more. Your business will benefit from this too.

Cause – Their career needs to be worthy and constructive. If your team have no established objectives then where exactly is the cause? Appraisals need to be regular and mean something, encourage potential and train relentlessly. Whilst you might not have been trained every single day, this is what your workforce will welcome. 

Community – It is critical that your team feel valued and respected. However this won’t happen if you don’t deliver on the career or cause dynamics. Recognition both from team members and the boss are also important. Your Hotel Academy provides this.

Flexible Access

Where Your Hotel Academy is already in use we see HOD’s accessing it on their phones if they’re not sure about a process or a standard (out of guest view of course). They may just look at something for a second to confirm information. and they may do this  dozen times a day , particularly during flash training sessions/ shift briefings on iPad. It’s unlikely they’d go routing through files for the answer! This doesn’t happen. Those ring binders just get dustier!

In addition, the hundreds and thousands of hits your team create across the year means they are much more likely to carry quality, standards and processes onto the floor because they have a cause, that feeds the career, that builds and sustains the sense of community.

Everything they need in one place – one version!

You may have dozens of physical files across your business sitting on shelves, some gathering dust. When staff change there maybe version confusion, some files get lost whilst many never get looked at. 

Quite often new colleagues inherit standards verbally, sometimes they’re just urban myths! With Your Hotel Academy everything is in the one place and everything is the latest version without a file or piece of paper in sight. 

Added to this Your Hotel Academy is available across all mobile platforms. The days of being tethered to a networked PC on a S Drive or Intranet are now over.

Legacy Learning

Why train 5 people when you can make the same training material available to 50 people over the coming year. Show them once and let them view the videos, photography and supporting documents at a later stage.

Because Your Hotel Academy is available 24/7 on mobile platforms the opportunity to provide a ‘no excuse’ culture for your team provides a solid platform for learning. 

The final result is that you print less handouts because your team learn more visually, especially if the visual ownership is in the pockets.



Multi-lingual access.

You may work with a geo-eclectic work force who do not hold English as their first language. Your team may be made up of 30 different nationalities. Do you have L&D collateral in 30 different languages? No? Just one click allows your team to access their learning and testing in any language.

Cloud Based Paperless HR Functionality.

Your Hotel Academy has a powerful HR module to track your staff. Many hotels already have complex HR systems in place that already do the job. If not, key and core HR forms are easily managed by user profile along with holiday management and restricted departmental leave distribution.

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