If you’ve not yet moved to digital spa consultation forms yet then this solution may just be right for you.

Rather than potentially eating into the precious treatment time with a pen and paper consultation form the form below can be used in the following ways.

  • Send the guest the consultation form in advance of their treatment.
  • Have a tablet ready when they arrive.

The forms can be printed off at the beginning of the day whilst all daily and historic forms are held in a mini CRM (Optional Extra) for future recall. Therapists could also be allocated with a tablet for data input and guest form review.

The mini CRM also allows you to add your own internal notes and comments should they be necessary, whilst you can also track the spa experience history of the guest to enhance their stay further.

CRM Features which can be accessed by any senior manager includes.

  • Guest history
  • Product sales history
  • Value of treatment
  • Therapist notes
  • Guest feedback
  • Products used
  • Experience preferences
  • Therapist per treatment.

Spa&Go is £350.00 per year (less than £1 per day) for unlimited use. 

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