Calling all venue finders/bookers. Do you currently use a 2-way CRM to manage all of your enquiries? A 2-way CRM allows front end enquiries to populate both the front end, and a back end admin area. Once you have the initial CRM enquiry/entry, this then becomes your enquiry profile.

What are the benefits?

  1. Short staffed and under pressure? Save time and expense on phone calls and receive mature enquiries.
  2. Event profiles accessible across your team.
  3. Activity Log – who added what when?
  4. Shapes for sales funnel and drives a more consistent sales pipeline.
  5. Streamlines the venue finding journey. 
  6. Fully mobilised. Update event details on the go.
  7. Sets a professional first impression.
  8. Build a robust database.
  9. Shapes a really easy training structure.
  10. The front end allows you to take enquiries over the phone.

If you’re interested in Venue Finder email Gordon on

Cost per month £125.00 per month (minimum contract 6 months), or £750.00 per year, including setup and training. This form is embedded within your website.

The demo below is a generic example. We can build your CRM the way you work as well as import current records if you work with CSV functionality. 

The back end of the CRM provides complete control and oversight over every client contact. It’s also fully mobilised in real time so you can see everything in one place.

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