Do you focus on your unsung heroes enough?

Whether a room attendant or a board director, everyone is worthy of your respect.

Every business has its stars and it’s these stars that inevitably grab the limelight. Whether it’s the team member creating dazzling cocktails, your head chef for delivering award winning food, or an amazing host in the restaurant that drives high levels of return trade. We all know who they are.

As GM I was constantly aware of the jobs I’d rather not do if for some reason I was the last line of defence. What these jobs had in common was that they were physically gruelling, required unflinching commitment, and required flawless results every time to avoid guest complaints.

So it wasn’t unusual for me to shake the hands of my KP’s on a daily basis and actually get to know them. A few of them actually won Employee of the Month. The housekeeping team also feature as serious unsung heroes with back breaking work most of the hotel don’t understand, let alone the public. 

Also out of sight you have the back office administrator who process all of the wonderfully complex spreadsheets on a daily basis to keep the business flowing. Again, vital work that requires laser precision under pressure.

So don’t get sucked into the glamour role recognition. Love ❤️ all of your staff equally!

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