10 Tips to Supercharge Change (Hospitality Specific)

YOU are key to managing change.

To start this blog I think we can all agree that everyone is different. It’s one of societies unwritten laws and who are we to argue? It’s often said that it’s our differences that separate us from the apes ( though I’m not sure what apes would have to say about that). Everyone accepts change at different a rate and using different methods. It’s your job to unravel change delivery and have it planned out in advance to deliver maximum support.

There’s never been a greater need to manage change in response to the upheaval of Covid, War in Europe, short staffing levels and the cost of living crisis. I hope I can assist.

There’s a ton of articles like this online, theoretical anecdotes that deliver a broad industry brush. In this post however I’m going to focus solely on my experiences within the hospitality industry. After all, we’re a unique bunch, slightly crazy, always exhausted, always problem solving. 

My training experience is pretty extensive, but as an apology to historical customers, I don’t think I really understood the requirements of change until about 7 years ago. It took me 25 years to get my head around change dynamics! 25 Years! With this short list, you may get there sooner. 

  1. Ditch the term ‘Training’. Training is a process, a tick box exercise. Try the term Inspiring instead. The connotation of inspiring people is a completely different ball game to the prospect of training. To do this you need HOD’s on their A game if they’re going to inspire their teams. The framework of inspiration requires an energetic, passionate leader that lifts team motivation within ongoing inspiring sessions that leave the majority of the team literally bouncing, whilst creating a clear mind gap from those who are hard core resistant to change. It’s key you set the tone.
  2. Inspiring people in your business to adopt change needs to be cultural. Not a one hit wonder every few months. Your energy will ensure the right altitude of aptiude is maintained. However, a programme of inspiring people needs planning which leads us onto points 3, 4 & 5.
  3. All departments should have a daily briefing and within that briefing there needs to be an element of training/inspiring and the process to support change. This may include refresher training or new information. Team learning is not unlike brushing your teeth. A bit every day removes long term issues.
  4.  Legacy training is critical within this process. Forget paper based content, it bores the pants off your Gen Z staff whilst it creates a huge amount of work for your HOD’s. By filming sessions, why train 5 staff when you can train 50. By having an online resource for staff access 24/7, they can control their learning reinforcement. Having your change projects documented online is super important. The Hotel Academy satisfies this need.
  5. Regular online testing is essential. Not the big statutory stuff, but testing around the fine detail, work flows and product knowledge. You need to know what they know as without you knowing what your team fully know, you can’t establish operational team confidence. HOD’s create these tests to support change and a baseline of cultural knowledge.
  6. Shape your sessions for everyone and be inclusive. Demonstrably help the weaker team members and gently curtail the stronger colleagues.
  7. Be visual – use metaphors to aid the mental visualisation of the points you’re making. Your team are good at what they do because they are hands on and practical – they’re not rocket scientists (mostly).
  8. Sell the benefits of the change over what they doing currently. It’s likely that a change will introduce efficiency and a smidgen less work, or an inspiring new process or standard of quality.
  9. Connect the change to the personal journeys of those you work with. If you use our live appraisal system Gen Z staff will be waiting for the next achievement within their PDR.
  10. Never let your team know that they’re not capable, or that they may struggle with the change. Introduce and schedule follow up sessions and present change from the assumption of success already achieved, because your team are so good! 

If you’re interested in train the trainer sessions for your HOD’s get in touch with Gordon. info@hotelgeneralmanagers.com


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