Creating an Academy within your hotel may well be the most beneficial and cost efficient exercise you may undertake for years to come. Your operational culture is incredibly important in terms of both business growth and sustainability as well as nurturing every member of your team, whatever level they work at.

The following options form allows you to select what you’d like included or excluded from your initial build and launch. Please visit if you would like to explore each option in context to your own property and operation. If you need assistance at this point please call us for assistance.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t already have a full data set to load into the Academy, this can be created and we can assist with this.

When re receive the form below we can begin a discussion focussed on your Academy, built exactly as you’d require it.

(To make selections on a Mac or PC use either select + cmd or select + shift. For Smartphones simply select from the scroller).

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